Hello there, I'm Victoria.

I live on and write about St. Helena Island.

Last year I was offered a wonderful opportunity to come and work on the small remote island community of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. It has been a fantastic experience so far and I hope you enjoy sharing in my adventure here and learning something about this magical place.

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St. Helena

Tentatively Optimistic

20th April 2017
Everyone on St Helena is either directly affected or knows someone who is by the cancelled voyage. The RMS is in dry dock now awaiting repair and cautiously optimistic that the RMS will ready for the departure on Cape Town on the 4th May
St. Helena

Stranded on St Helena Island

15th April 2017
Yesterday, I got some very disappointing news. The Royal Mail Ship St Helena, the island’s one lifeline to the outside world, has not been fixed, will likely sail on one engine from Cape Town and need to return to South Africa into dry dock.
Travel Notes

Passport Privilege

10th April 2017
Do you value your passport? Do you treasure it and prize it like a ticket to unknown lands, exotic locations and fabulous foreign experiences? Maybe. But many of us won’t dwell on the luxury; the choice to travel so freely, so cheaply to other countries if we originate from resource rich countries. This is an opportunity that is denied to so much of the world.
St. Helena

Golf on St Helena

5th April 2017
What is it like playing golf for the first time on one of the most remote locations in the world? A weekend hiking up Flagstaff Hill and then attempting to hit a golf ball around a unique course, avoiding both cows and cars that crossed my path.
St. Helena

International Women’s Day-A Series of Talks at the Museum of St Helena

28th March 2017
The Museum and the Human Right Society held a collection of talks marking International Women's Day.