Hello there, I'm Victoria.

I live on and write about St. Helena Island.

Last year I was offered a wonderful opportunity to come and work on the small remote island community of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. It has been a fantastic experience so far and I hope you enjoy sharing in my adventure here and learning something about this magical place.

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Travel Notes

Why bother transitioning to a vegan lifestyle?

4th July 2017
My journey into the arms of veganism. Hold the cheese.
St. Helena

“The internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom” Jon Stewart.

28th June 2017
The uniqueness of living on St Helena Island with restricted internet access and some terrific walks around the island
St. Helena

Life and Death of Napoleon on St Helena

20th June 2017
Midweek days off on St Helena: exploring what the island has to offer and sightseeing at Napoleon's residences, St Helena's most famous exile. Fantastic walk to Great Stone Top, one of the 21 post box walks
St. Helena

Leaving St Helena

12th June 2017
In the last few weeks I have made the difficult decision to leave St Helena this year. This is because someone incredibly special came into my life, unexpectedly and I’ve planned to follow my heart and see where this love will lead. It is not a decision I have made lightly and I am aware of the true privilege I have had working here.
St. Helena

Tentatively Optimistic

20th April 2017
Everyone on St Helena is either directly affected or knows someone who is by the cancelled voyage. The RMS is in dry dock now awaiting repair and cautiously optimistic that the RMS will ready for the departure on Cape Town on the 4th May