About Victoria

I think we all deserve a little wanderlust. It opens us to new worlds, new foods, new people, adventures that you would never normally experience.

Want to know a secret? Dying terrifies me! We only have such a short, precious time on the planet. want to see what is around every corner, learn from different cultures and see what the world is made of. As humans, I believe we are gifted this time here. We must make the most of it and preserve it for future generations.

I guess that’s why I became a midwife. I am lucky enough to meet people when they are brand new to the world. They have so much potential. So much possibility in front of them. They have got their whole lives to live and that’s so exciting. Who will they become? And I get to meet the whole range of families doing this job, who come from vastly different religions/cultures/socio-economic status. Fascinating.

So, at 21 I began my training. At age 26 after working in the NHS for two years I undertook a Diploma in Tropical Nursing to give me the opportunity to work overseas.

Last year I was offered a wonderful opportunity to come and work on the small remote island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. It has been a fantastic experience so far and I hope you enjoy sharing in my adventure here and learning something about this magical place.

When I’m not exploring and writing about travel, I am having long distance Facetime calls with New York City to speak to my gorgeous American boyfriend I met on an adventure holiday in Iceland.

Or I am calling back to the UK, to speak to my amazing family and two precious cat babies Bubble and Squeak.

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