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St. Helena

St. Helena

“The internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom” Jon Stewart.

28th June 2017
The uniqueness of living on St Helena Island with restricted internet access and some terrific walks around the island
St. Helena

Life and Death of Napoleon on St Helena

20th June 2017
Midweek days off on St Helena: exploring what the island has to offer and sightseeing at Napoleon's residences, St Helena's most famous exile. Fantastic walk to Great Stone Top, one of the 21 post box walks
St. Helena

Leaving St Helena

12th June 2017
In the last few weeks I have made the difficult decision to leave St Helena this year. This is because someone incredibly special came into my life, unexpectedly and I’ve planned to follow my heart and see where this love will lead. It is not a decision I have made lightly and I am aware of the true privilege I have had working here.
St. Helena

Tentatively Optimistic

20th April 2017
Everyone on St Helena is either directly affected or knows someone who is by the cancelled voyage. The RMS is in dry dock now awaiting repair and cautiously optimistic that the RMS will ready for the departure on Cape Town on the 4th May
St. Helena

Stranded on St Helena Island

15th April 2017
Yesterday, I got some very disappointing news. The Royal Mail Ship St Helena, the island’s one lifeline to the outside world, has not been fixed, will likely sail on one engine from Cape Town and need to return to South Africa into dry dock.
St. Helena

Golf on St Helena

5th April 2017
What is it like playing golf for the first time on one of the most remote locations in the world? A weekend hiking up Flagstaff Hill and then attempting to hit a golf ball around a unique course, avoiding both cows and cars that crossed my path.
St. Helena

International Women’s Day-A Series of Talks at the Museum of St Helena

28th March 2017
The Museum and the Human Right Society held a collection of talks marking International Women's Day.
St. Helena

Pancake Day

18th March 2017
Celebrating Pancake Day aka Shrove Tuesday on St Helena Island. Ate too many delicious pancakes and saw how St Helena experiences this unique day.
St. Helena

Not So Strictly Dance Competition and High Peak

13th March 2017
I got the opportunity to attend the 'Not So Strictly' dance event at Plantation House, home of the Governor of St Helena. The next day I hiked to the top of High Peak in the fresh air and sat amongst the clouds.


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St. Helena

Birthday St Helena Style (with added whale sharks)

10th March 2017
I left the house on the morning of my 28th birthday to go on a boat trip to swim with the whale sharks. I was fortunate enough to swim with them today, as my birthday falls on a Saturday this year and February is prime whale sharks season here on island.
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