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The return to Las Vegas

23rd December 2016

As we got closer towards Las Vegas I could recognise all the famous casinos that we got acquainted with the month before. It felt exciting to be back in the entertainment capital of the world.

When we got to the city, my calf muscles, from walking the Canyon, were in…



19th December 2016

This was one of my favourite places of the whole trip. Utterly breathtakingly beautiful and full of the warmest people I had ever met, it was certainly a must-see state.

We started off our time here with something we both have always wanted to do, a balloon ride. Despite a…

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

17th December 2016

Puerto Rico is a US territory much like St Helena is to the UK, however with only a few hours flying time from Florida, it’s a very accessible destination for tourists in North America and globally. I was super excited when I saw that I was going there. This…


That’s how I got to Memphis

11th December 2016

We started off our time in Memphis is a lovely air BnB owned by a lovely couple and their two adorable cats. Caesar, the old tabby, deemed that we were alright folk and pushed himself inside the room on the second night and woke us up by climbing up…

New York

New York New York!

5th December 2016

Is there a more iconic/fast-paced/hip happening city? A lot of people I know had been to New York City already, some had been multiple times. With two days in one of the most important and exciting cities in the world we aimed to do as much as we could.




30th November 2016

We were told on the taxi ride from the airport that the British are the second biggest visitors to Florida and I can see why so many of my fellow countrymen love it here. With almost year round sunshine and great entertainment there is very little for tourists not…


Viva Las Vegas

29th November 2016

Wow wee Las Vegas. It is the city of entertainment and a place that doesn’t do things by half. I can’t wait to be back here in less than four weeks.

On the first night, we scared ourselves silly with an aptly named ride, ‘Insanity’, at the top of the…


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Leaving everything and steeping into the unknown

15th November 2016

Tomorrow I leave my flat, my life in Colchester. I leave the proximity to my wonderful family and my niece who is the most adorable person in the whole wide world. I leave the great friendships I have made or re-established. I go from a rewarding job that I…

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